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by Nikolaous at 3:54 AM
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Hello OPAnarchy players, I'm leaving due to me heading back to University.

(For those who will ask, I'm majoring in Cultural studies, Comparitive religion, Indigenous studies and Philosophy)

It was a great time as owner, I'll hope to eventually come back maybe one day in the long distant future.

Thanks for allowing me to have one of the best journeys of my life running this server.

And a few shoutouts to all the Youtubres that helped the server grow.

Especially @ Jeruhmi for his huge dedication with videos with Bannaboat as well.

And thanks to the staff team @OPanarchy for their hard dedication.

I won't say but I want to thank Jordan a lot and Justrageout and B4bysloth even though justrageout resigned he still helped a lot.

And thank you again to everyone (Including you mtns I hate you so much)

Nikolaous Palatsides.
by Nikolaous at 10:10 AM
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Okay, well we have recently been receiving MANY helper applications, which is awesome. I love how you guys are applying, helping players in chat, and catching hackers! There are few problems that must be fixed for the forums to be completely organized. For example, people are spamming the forums with helper applications and other problems. There will be a couple new rules when applying for the staff rank Helper. Here are the rules.

1: No applying twice in 1-2 days, it spams the forums and makes it disorganized. Wait about 5 days to reapply.
2: Do not ask Niko or I to read your application, that will decrease your chances.
3: Do not reply or say anything false about the person or the application. You may give constructive criticism like "add more detail" or "lacks information, but nice application". But try not to write anything mean or not constructive.
4: When making an application, so it makes it easier for Niko and I. The title of your Helper Application should be [Your IGN]'s...
by Nikolaous at 7:13 AM
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Hello OP-Anarchy players and staff, Niko and I have been discussing the helper applications for about a week now and we are proud to announce and congratulate these following people on obtaining the rank helper. Thank you all for applying for helper! If you did not get helper this time there is always another time to apply and get your chance to be apart of the staff team. Applications will be closed for a while until Niko is in need of more staff members. Now here are the newly promoted helpers, make sure to congratulate them in-game.



- Jps609
by Nikolaous at 5:19 AM
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Well as you may have noticed or not Op-Anarchy was down for about 4 hours due to a plugin crashing. We apologize for this inconvenience, we have already fixed the plugin, and all the issues are resolved. We will be doing a drop party soon to make up for it, I'll ask Niko about one maybe today or tomorrow. Anyway, we are sorry for OP-Anarchy being down for such a long time, the issues are now resolved so you may come back on OP-Anarchy with no-lag.
Another topic is I will be reviewing helper applications and we will be picking about 3 new helpers so go apply and be helpful in chat! We have some huge updates planned and we really hope you guys enjoy them. That's it for this update and see you all in-game!

- Jps
by Nikolaous at 6:11 AM
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The requirement for YouTube is at least 900 subscribers, 300+ views, 35 likes, and 15 comments on each of your videos. Remember you must have made 3 videos before you can actually can receive this rank. You will be given [YouTuber] tag in chat, you will apply under the General Discussion section. Now here's how you apply!

Minecraft Username:

Youtube Username:

How many hours do you play per day:

How many subscribers do you have:

What is your minimum amount of views/likes and comments:

How many videos have you made for Op-Anarchy:

Link to your youtube channel:
by Nikolaous at 6:07 AM
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This is the information on the donation kits for donation ranks and what is inside each one! You may purchase a kit at www.prison-anarchy.buycraft.net or just use /buy in-game. It will take about 5-10 minutes for you to receive each rank and each kit has a 24 hour cool down.

/kit VIP 5$:
1 x Diamond Helmet Protection:3
1 x Diamond Chest plate Protection:3
1 x Diamond Leggings Protection:3
1 x Diamond Boots Protection:3
1 x Diamond Axe Sharpness:3
5 x God Apples

/kit vipplus 15$:
1 x Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency:3
1 x Diamond Helmet Protection:3 Unbreaking:1
1 x Diamond Chest plate Protection:3 Unbreaking:1
1 x Diamond Leggings Protection:3 Unbreaking:1
1 x Diamond Boots Protection:3 Unbreaking:1
1 x Diamond Axe Sharpness:4
10 x God Apples

/kit Immortal 35$:
1 x Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency:3 Unbreaking:2 Fortune:1
1 x Diamond Helmet Protection:3 Unbreaking:2
1 x Diamond Chest plate Protection:3 Unbreaking:2
1 x Diamond Leggings...
by DuckDominationVI at 10:29 AM
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by Nikolaous at 9:36 AM
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Moderator/Helper Guidelines:

Staff reputation:
It's important that you maintain a good deal of responsibility and maturity. For example, There should never be a point in time where you kick/ban someone and use profanity/inappropriate language in your messages, try to keep active in chat and be nice to all players to increase your staff image.

Staff Communication:
Please communicate with other staff members in a mature way, teamspeak is a great way of doing that. Also you should never disrespect nor use profane language against one of our users under any circumstances. Be nice, respectful, king, and caring to all users. Communication is key to being promoted to your next rank and of course keeping your rank.

Assisting Players:
Moderators/Helpers should be active in chat watching and monitoring it to see if anyone needs help or has a situation. You MUST watch chat for spammers, advertisers, and for players who are asking questions. If a player needs help you don't request another...
by Nikolaous at 9:57 AM
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On monday American time (6pm California), I will begin maintenance and update around about 10 plugins and fix some lag issues.

I also need to update some buycraft pictures.

Just a small little update but I'll give some notice first.
by Nikolaous at 1:39 PM
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Hello OPAnarcians, A huge update is incoming this will include the upcoming features.

....................................................... Player update...................................................................

Warp I,J,K,L will be replaced with brand new mines (Slof is building them)
The Drop Party Plugin, this will allow drop parties automatically without lag.
The Prestige plugin which will automatically prestige players, this allows players to prestige while staff are not on.


........................................................ Staff update....................................................................

Staff will now be given a strict guide (Created by Mtns) This will be harsher on hackers, with either longer...